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The Power of Presence III

In previous articles on this subject I have talked about how the internet – email and blogs and web sites – have given us a powerful marketing tool that was unavailable a decade ago. And that we would be crazy not to take advantage of them. I also talked about the importance of joining at least two associations – one writing-related so you can share in the wit, wisdom and warmth of your colleagues who are in the same boat …

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The Power of Presence – Part II

Last issue I suggested that the power of presence via the Internet (email – web sites – blogs) has really changed the face of marketing our services. They all allow us to very easily and fairly passively market our services and information related products.
Certainly there is no excuse not to have customized signature lines in your emails. And if nothing else your blogs can serve as an online repository to some of your writing samples. That way you just …

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The Power of Presence

I don’t do any marketing anymore. I market all the time. Huh? A little contradictory.

The second statement reveals a basic truth about the freelance life. You are marketing all the time whether you intend to or not. If you choose to answer the phone and talk to a potential client you are marketing. If you let the answering machine pick it up, you are still marketing your message – such as you can in a short annoying machine message. …

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Starting Over

Pretend for a moment that you were starting over. That you were setting up your writing or consulting business for the very first time. What would you do differently? It’s a brand new world out there. Or is it?If you are slightly fossilized like me, then perhaps when you first hung out your shingle, fax machines were so “de rigueur” that you actually charged your clients for each page you faxed to them. Not for the content, but for the …

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